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The Mind Up Curriculum: Grades Pre K-2

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Mind Up Curriculum Grades Pre K2

Scholastic Teaching Resources

Author: The Hawn Foundation

The Mind Up Curriculum: Grades Pre K-2 by The Hawn Foundation is a superb book. The author is The Hawn Foundation and it was published sometime in 2011 by Scholastic Teaching Resources. The children book is 30 pages long. I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a children book.

This research-based curriculum features 15 lessons that use the most recent information concerning the brain to dramatically improve behavior and learning for all students. Classroom management tips and content-area activities aid you extend the positive aspects of Mind UP throughout your day, week, and year! Each lesson delivers easy strategies for helping students focus their attention, boost their self-regulation skills, build resilience to stress, and develop a positive mind-set in both school and life. Includes a full-color, innovative teaching poster with fascinating facts about the brain! The lessons fit easily into any schedule and require minimal preparation.


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