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I Spy Pirate Treasure (i Spy Tv Tie-in)

Rating Rating 4 Stars
I Spy Pirate Treasure

Cartwheel Books


Characters locate a variety of hidden objects when they pretend to be pirates.
Kids love this great book. Written by Marzollo, Dan. and the publisher is Cartwheel Books. It was released around September of 2003. The kids book is mostly about Pirates and is deemed exceptional fiction. The kids book is 24 pages long and it includes lovely colored illustrations. Cartwheel Books. The kids book also accentuates Picture puzzles. Let yourself get engrossed within the children book. To get your personal print of this book for your child, visit the add to cart button on this site.

Ahoy, mateys! When Spyler and Ce Ce have found everything, the two friends bury their chest again and make a new map! Spyler and Ce Ce look for pirate treasure as they follow a treasure map. Throughout, children can play I Spy and appear for fun objects. This book features Spyler and Ce Ce, characters from the I Spy TV show. Play I Spy! At the end there's an extra I Spy game!


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