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Fly Guy #7: I Spy Fly Guy! - Audio Library Edition

Rating Rating 4 Stars
Fly Guy 7 I Spy Fly Guy

Scholastic Audio Books

Author: Scholastic

My children want to reveal to you a great children book titled Fly Guy #7: I Spy Fly Guy . The author is Scholastic and the publisher is Scholastic Audio Books. It was available on the 1st of January, 2011, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

A Theodor Geisel Honor Book from bestselling author/illustrator Tedd Arnold! Where is Fly Guy? ! Time after time, Buzz thinks he spies Fly Guy, only to be snubbed, boinked, or bitten. FORMAT: Paperback book and CDNARRATOR: Skip Hinnant When Fly Guy and Buzz play hide-and-seek, Fly Guy hides in his favorite place--the garbage can. You win! A very worried Buzz follows the truck to the dump, where he sees zillions of flies. He yells,"I give up. Then he realizes they've been playing a game. But as Buzz finishes counting, the garbageman drives away with the garbage and Fly Guy, too!"And Fly Guy leaves his new hiding place--he was on top of Buzz's hat all along!


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